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« Wild Life Programs 15 Days
Attractions : Tigers, Birds, Elephant, Jeep Safari.
Destinations : Delhi - Bharatpur - Sariska - Ranthambhore...

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« Indian Wildlife Sanctuaries Tour 23 Days
Attractions : Tigers, Rhinos, Birds, Elephant, Jeep Safari.
Destinations : Delhi - Sariska - Jaipur - Ranthambhore ...
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Indian Bird Ecotourism
Tourism which takes account of environmental, cultural and social considerations is what eco-tourism all about. Ecotourism is a tourism market based on an area's natural resources that attempts to minimize the ecological impact of the tourism.

Whether it's about a nature camping or organising trekking trips towards the virgin and inaccessible regions, one should always keep in mind not to create any mishap or disturbance in the life cycle of nature. With over 500 species of mammal, a 2000 types of Bird and at least 30,000 kinds of insects, India provides an unmatched range and diversity that justifies several ecotourism travel trips. Several conservation projects have been established to preserve the exquisite wildlife of India.

The Best Touring Option
Ecotourism is the best option to take a break from the routine busy life amidst concrete jungles to the heavenly paradise of Green. The increasing consciousness towards one’s health and well-being is the reason that is giving Ecological tourism a boost. India is a perfect destination for an Eco tour as it is the land of diverse geography and natural bliss that offers tourists splendid opportunities to revive and let them fill themselves with new spirit and possibilities.
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Ecotourism in India
Eco tours in India bring to you numerous ways to be close to Mother Nature. You can stay at tree houses of Kerala, or near the tranquil scenic Kerala backwaters or spend a day with friendly animals at national parks, sanctuaries and reserves. The hilly regions are also a nice idea as here you can climb the foothills, take deep breaths in the salubrious air and take a glimpse of the splendid sunrise and sunset.

Indian TigerWildlife in India
From humid tropical jungles to lush grasslands and the high and snowy Himalayas, India is home to many National Parks that have successfully preserved the Indian flora and fauna. Most of the Wild Life Preserves in India started off as game parks for the hunting delight of the Maharajas of India. Unexpectedly, these are the only regions which still boast of well preserved forests and wildlife.

A splendid resource of wild animals, birds and exotic plants can be viewed and enjoyed in India's numerous National Parks. Numerous safaris are also provided by the forest managements for wildlife viewing. In all India has 80 national parks and 441 sanctuaries, of which 19 fall under the purview of Project Tiger. The total area of India's protected wilderness is approximately 140,000 sq km. This contains 4 % of the country's total land area.

Few Suggestions
While you travel to the diverse ecosystems in India be careful that you do not get into any illegal and unknown activity.
» Do not engage in an illegal trading of forest resource.
» Do not engage in an illegal trading of trees and tree products.
» Do not engage in an illegal trading of animals and animal products.
» Throw the waste products in the proper defined areas.
» Do not disturb the wildlife and the surroundings.
» Respect the local culture and tradition.
» At any, sanctuary, dress in sensible attires and keep quiet; the creatures are easily spooked.
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