Royal Chitwan Park : Visit the famous Royal national park in Nepal, explore the wildlife species and book wildlife safaris and nature walks.

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Royal Chitwan Park

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Rhino Royal Chitwan ParkRoyal Chitwan Park is the home of One-Horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger.

Why Royal Chitwan
Royal Chitwan National Park is one of the most important sub-tropical parks on the Indian subcontinent with good populations of the endangered Royal Bengal tiger, Greater One-horned rhinos, Gangetic dolphin (Platanista gangetica), Wild Asian elephant, Gaur, Golden Monitor lizard, Gharial crocodile and many more. The park is situated in the flat lowland region of southern Nepal, just close to the Indian International boundary.

For many years the Royal Chitwan Park was the Royal hunting grounds for the Kings and dignitaries of Nepal. In the late 19th and early to mid-20th centuries AD, the park become a favourite destination for big game safari hunters. The long-term hunting led to a drastic decrease in jungle populations in the Chitwan valley. The falling number of rhinos and tigers in the present park region, focused attention on the Chitwan region and in 1963 the southern two-thirds of the park were declared as a Rhino Sanctuary. With the sanctuary status came a moratorium on hunting and the relocation of 22,000 people from the Chitwan valley. Since 1963 wildlife populations and ecosystems have been rebounding in this area. In 1973 Chitwan became Nepal’s first National Park. The unique ecosystems prompted UNESCO to declare the park a World Heritage site in 1984.
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Key Factors
State : South West Of Kathmandu, Nepal (one of the neighbouring states of India).
Climate : The Royal Chitwan National Park has a range of climatic seasons, each offering an unique experience. October through February with an average temperatures of 25 degree centigrade offer an enjoyable climate. From March to June temperatures can reach as high as 43 degree centigrade. The monsoon season generally lasts from the late June until September.
Area Covered : 932 sq-km.
Travel Tips : Consult the Doctor before you leave for the trip. Get enough information about the place you are going to visit. Check that you have all the required documents to visit Nepal.
Best Time to Visit : Through out the year.
Nearest Town : Kathmandu

Get There
International Airport :
Kathmandu, the Capital City of Nepal.
Airport : There are daily flights from Kathmandu to Bharatpur.
Road : Chitwan is easily approachable from Kathmandu, which is well connected by national highway to Bharatpur and Saurana. Rest House Near Royal Chitwan Park

Stay There
Good number of accommodations are available near the Royal Chitwan Park. Inside the park, there are 7 resorts run by park concessionaires that can provide lodging and access to wildlife activities. Various resorts and lodges situated outside the park also offer a variety of services.

Venture Into the Royal Chitwan
The Royal Chitwan National Park inhabits more than 50 mammal species, over 525 birds, and 55 amphibians and reptiles. To have a close encounter with them you have to take an Elephant Ride into the park. From the back of an Elephant the scenario of the entire region is just amazing. The elephant ride will take you to the remotest areas of the park and you will get an opportunity to view the endangered One-horned Rhinoceros and the elusive Royal Bengal tiger.

The extensive landscape of the park features the Churia hills, ox-bow lakes, and the flood plains of the Rapti, Reu and Narayani Rivers, which are mostly populated by the diverse ecosystem of the park. The Churia hills rise slowly towards the east from 150 m to more than 800 m. The western portion of the park consists of the lower but more rough Someshwor hills.

Moving amidst the Chitwan valley through the tropical and subtropical forests you will come across - Sal forests (cover 70% of the park), Grasslands (spread in the 20% of the total area). The park is abound with more than 50 various types of grasses, including the elephant grass (Saccharum spp.).
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The Fauna
The endangered fauna found in the park are - One-horned rhinoceros, Gaur, Royal Bengal tiger, Wild elephant, Fourhorned antelope, Pangolin, Gangetic dolphin.

The Avifauna
The birds section boasts of birds like - Bengal florican, Lesser florican, Giant hornbill, Black stork, White stork, etc., housed in the park.

The Reptiles in the Royal Chitwan National Park....
The reptiles found here are - Gharial crocodile, Golden monitor lizard, Python, etc.

Additional Punch
There are numerous attractions found near the Chitwan Park in Nepal. The Elephant Breeding Center at Khorsor, Sauraha gives you information on domesticated elephant and the baby elephants born there. The museum at Kasara, the park headquarters, has informative displays. Near the HQ , visitors can see Bikram Baba, a Hindu religious site of archival value. A short walk (1 km.) from the park HQ will take you to the Gharial Breeding Center, which is also home to the Marsh mugger and a number of turtles. Extend the Trip to Nepal From Royal Chitwan Park

Extend the Trip
Nepal is a very small state. So, you can grasp the entire state within few days. Mainly a Hindu state, Nepal features several Hindu Pilgrimages, finding their reference in the Hindu Mythology. Kathmandu is one of the most delightful sights in Nepal. If you are a strict follower of Buddhism then, you must be aware of Lumbini, the place where Lord Buddha took birth. Lumbini is another place to visit in Nepal. Sitting on the lap of majestic Himalayas, Nepal is absolutely mesmerizing with abundant snow capped mountains bounding from all sides.

The snow-capped mountains all around will prompt you to engage in numerous adventure activities like - mountaineering, rock climbing, snow climbing, trekking etc.

Few Difficulties
Nepal is a mountainous region, so, you may face problems in transportation. People generally speak Nepali here, so it may be difficult for you to communicate with the local people. You may not find your choice of food here.

Few Suggestions
Don't get into any unknown or illegal activity. Do not disturb the local culture and local atmosphere. Try to be well informed about the routes and the place you are going to visit. Contact us when and where needed, while on a wildlife India Tour.

If you want more information on Wildlife India Tour then get back to us, whenever needed. Let us know your requirements, so that we can make your trip to India Wildlife completely exceptional and exciting.
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