Corbett National Park : Visit the famous Corbett national park in Uttaranchal, explore the wildlife species and book wildlife safaris and nature walks.

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Corbett National Park

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Corbett National ParkCorbett National Park is world renown for its wild population of Tigers, Leopards and Elephants.

Why Corbett
The Corbett National Park is located at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas in the state of Uttranchal in India. The Corbett National Park inhabits a wide variety of flora and fauna. Corbett is world renown for its wild population of Tigers, Leopards and Elephants. Once a popular hunting ground of the British, the Corbett National Park was named in the honour of the late Jim Corbett, the legendary hunter-naturalist turned author and photographer, who spent most of his years in this area and contributed in shaping the park. Corbett National Park was established in the year 1936, as the Hailey National Park. With the help of the World Wildlife Fund, Project Tiger was launched in Corbett National Park in the year 1973 and this park was one of the first such tiger reserves in the country.

Key Factors
State : Uttaranchal, in the northern part of India
Climate : Temperature in winter's can go down to 4 degrees centigrade at night and the entire jungle is extremely dry in the summer months as the temperatures reach as high as 44 degrees centigrade. Rainfall: 1400mm - 2800mm.
Area Covered : 1,200 sq-km.
Travel Tips : Consult your doctor before starting your tour. Check that you have all the required documents needed to visit the desired destination.
Best Time to Visit : From November 15 to June 15.
Nearest Town : Ramnagar (50 km).
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Get There
International Airport : New Delhi (300 km).
Airport : Phoolbagh, Pantnagar at a distance of 50 km is the nearest airport.
Railways : Ramnagar is on the broad gauge track from where the road transport options have to be availed to reach the park. For faster trains and connections to other parts of India change at Moradabad.
Road : Ramnagar is served by frequent buses to and from Nainital and Ranikhet, 112 km north. Delhi Transport corporation also runs semi deluxe services.

Corbett National ParkStay There
Some good accommodations are available near Ramnagar. They are not too luxurious but good enough for all types of tourists coming to the Corbett National Park. A range of tourist accommodation is available at Corbett's main campsite in Dhikala, which includes three-room cabins, forest rest houses, huts, tents and log hut dormitories. There are, in addition, Forest Rest houses at Khinanauli, Sarpduli, Gairal, Sultan, Bijrani, Malani, Kanda, Dhela and Jhirna. Accommodation is also available in private lodges and resorts outside the Park.
Nearby Wildlife Lodges

Venture Into the Corbett
You can go for either Elephant Safari or Jeep Safari. Jeeps Safari, is the most convenient and comfortable way to travel within Corbett National Park. The jeeps can be rented for the park trips from Ramnagar, from the KMVN Tourist Lodge and other travel agencies. However, Elephant Safari is most fascinating way to explore the park. Corbett is India's first national park and the first sanctuary to come under Project Tiger. The park with rich variety of vegetation is the ideal home for the Tiger and its prey. As you proceed further on the Elephant's back you will find the varied topography of Corbett National Park comprising of hilly and riverine areas, temporary marshy depressions, plateaus and ravines. The Jim Corbett National Park is home to about 110 tree species, 50 mammals species, 580 bird species and 25 reptile species.

The lower region is dominated by the Sal trees (Shorea robusta), and the higher regions have a larger variety of plants and trees. As you move further inside, you will find Chir (Pinus roxburghii), anauri (Legestroemia paruiflora) and Bakli (Anogeissus latifolia). Also found in various parts of the park are many different varieties of bamboo. But, you may get irritated by the widespread weed - Lantana.
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The Fauna
As you wander through the park on the Elephants back on the way you will meet Tigers as well as its prey. Apart from Tigers, Elephants, Leopards / Panthers, Jungle cats, Fishing Cats, Leopard cats, Himalayan black bears, Sloth bears, Deers, Hog deer, Barking deer, Ghorals, Wild Boars, Pangolins, Jackals, Martens, Dholes, Civets, Mongooses, Otters, Hares, Porcupines, Chital (spotted deer), Sambar deer, Macaques, Langurs and Blue Bulls (Nilgais) are some of the species which are found here.

The Avifauna
Corbett has nearly 600 bird species officially recorded in it’s log books. It is home to Herons, Darters, Cormorants, Lapwings, Paradise Flycatchers, Munias, Weaver birds, Fishing eagles, Serpent eagles, Spotted Eagles, Black throated Payas, Mynas, Jungle Fowl, Vultures, Thrushes, Barbets, Peacocks, peahens, Kingfishers, migrant Gulls, Moorhens, Ducks, Geese, Sandpipers, Nightjars, Doves, Plovers, Black necked Storks, Parakeets, Owls, Cuckoos, Woodpeckers, Wagtails, Black winged Kits, Drongos, Chir Pheasants, Kalij Pheasants, Grebes, Grey Lags, Snipes, Harriers, Ospreys, Minivets, Babblers, Hornbills, falcons and Stone Curlews.

Corbett National ParkThis is not all. Go to the Reptiles and the Aquafauna sections. Goonch, Mahaseer, Trout and many other smaller species are found here. Gharials (fish eating Crocodiles), Mugger, Monitor Lizards, turtles, Cobras, Pythons and the Sal forest Tortoise are found here.

Additional Punch
The nearest attractions from here are Ramnagar (fishing base camp), Lohachaur (15 km) - good place for anglers. You can also go to the other parts of the Uttranchal. Uttranchal is extremely appealing. You can go to Garhwal or Nainital both are perfect for the leisure tours. But, carry trekking shoes with yourself, as you may need them while trekking through the unruly terrains.

Extend the Trip
From here you can extend your trip to Himachal Pradesh, Delhi or Uttar Pradesh. Delhi is about 300 km from here, and Lucknow is just 145 km from here. If you are going towards, Himachal Pradesh then you can go to Shimla, Kullu & Manali. Himachal Pradesh is
an ideal destination for the adventure sport lovers and serene atmosphere seekers.

Few Difficulties
There are not too many difficulties here. But, you may not find a luxurious accommodation near the park.

Few Suggestions
There are not too many difficulties here. But, you may not find a luxurious accommodation near the park.

If you want more information on Wildlife India Tour then get back to us, whenever needed. Let us know your requirements, so that we can make your trip to India Wildlife completely exceptional & exciting.
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