Bandhavgarh National Park : Visit the famous national park in Madhya Pradesh, explore the wildlife species and book wildlife safaris and nature walks.

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Bandhavgarh National Park

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Bandhavgarh National ParkThe Bandhavgarh National Park is gifted with a large variety of natives in terms of Flora & Fauna.

Why Bandhavgarh
The Bandhavgarh National Park is located in the district of Sahdol in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. The dense forest of Bandhavgarh National Park is nestled among the Vindhya hills. Once the hunting ground of the royal family of Rewa, Bandhavgarh Natioanal Park was declared a park in the year 1968. The entire area consists of Sal forests, which is the main tree of the areas along with Bamboo. In the year 1993, the Bandhavgarh National Park was finally declared a tiger reserve under Project Tiger.

Key Factors
State : Madhya Pradesh, in the central part of India.
Climate : Bandhavgarh experiences climatic conditions that vary to opposite extremes. The temperature in the winters varies from 0 to 20 degrees centigrade between November and February. In the summers, the temperatures move to the other extreme and can go up to 46 degrees centigrade. Bandhavgarh has an average annual rainfall of 1200mm. The rains here give very little prior warning.
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Area : 448 sq-km.
Travel Tips : Consult the Doctor before you leave for the trip. Get enough information about the place you are going to visit.
Best Time to Visit : Mid-November to June.
Nearest Town : Umaria (40 km).

Get There
International Airport : New Delhi ( Indira Gandhi International Airport)
Airport : khajuraho at 230 km.
Railways : Umaria at 30 km
Road : Bandhavgarh National Park is situated on the Satna-Umaria & Rewa-Umaria highway.

Safari In Bandhavgarh National ParkStay There
You will find good list of hotels here. Pick the one which is most ideal for you. There are numerous hotels ranging from luxurious to budget. You can also stay in the jungle resorts, as this will make your tour to the park more convenient. The jungle resorts are also well designed to provide complete satisfaction to you.
Nearby Wildlife Lodges

Venture Into the Bandhavgarh
Jeep or Elephant Safari are the two ideal ways to explore the National Park. If you are interested in tiger tracking then go for the Elephant Safari or else go for the Jeep Safari. Both are ideally arranged by the forest department here. The forest department will also provide you a guide to tour through the region. If you rise-up late in the morning then be careful, as all the safaris start here early in the morning. Just wake up early in the morning, take bath, take your breakfast and then head for the safari.

Bandhavgarh is densely covered by variety of trees. It is an excellent assemblage of trees and foliages. As you start your safari, you will be welcomed by fine trees of Sal, and as you reach the higher lands of the forest you will come across mixed forests. The higher lands boasts of mixed vegetation of sali, saj, saja, dhobin etc. As you move northward you will be surrounded by the stretches of bamboo and grasslands. The main wildlife viewing is still done in the core of the park with its 32 picturesque, wooded hills.
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The Fauna
Bandhavgarh is renown for it's big cat population. The Bandhavgarh region is gifted with a large variety of natives in terms of animals. It is quite possible to sight tigers, leopards, gaur (Indian Bison-although some say this is no longer seen), chital (spotted deer), Sambar deer, Dholes, nilgais, wild boars, chinkaras, sloth bears, rhesus macaques, black faced langurs, jungle cats, hyenas, porcupines, jackals, foxes, wild dogs, chausinghas and ratels, among others as you venture into the forest area.

The Avi-fauna
As you sway on your Elephant, you will be captivated by several chirping birds passing from one to the other side. Bandhavgarh National Park, being a bird lover's paradise inhabits birds like - white browed fantails, steppe eagles, green pigeons, grey malabar hornbills, black and white malabar hornbills (quite a rare sighting), blossom headed parakeets, parakeets, blue bearded bee eaters, green bee eaters, white bellied drongos, owls, Jerdon's and gold fronted leaf birds, minivets, woodshrikes and the lovely paradise flycatchers. These creatures will surely delight you.

Safari In Bandhavgarh National ParkAdditional Punch
It would be a relishing tour if you go to Kalchuri Archeological Remains, Bandhavgarh Fort (14th century fort), which are close to the National Park. Also visit Khajuraho (via Satna) 230 km, this will give a proper change over from the wildlife. But, if want to see more of the Indian Wildlife then visit Kanha Wildlife Sanctuary (250 km).

Extend the Trip
Madhya Pradesh is in the central part of India. So, you can extend your trip to any of the places you wish to visit in India. However, the closest of the major attractions are Taj Mahal at Agra, Varanasi about 340 km via Rewa.

Few Difficulties
This part is situated at the central part of India, So, you may not face too many difficulty. But, you may not be able to speak to the local people, as only the educated one can speak English.

Few Suggestions
Don't get into any unknown or illegal activity. Do not disturb the local culture and local atmosphere. Try to be well informed about the routes and the place you are going to visit. Contact us when and where needed, while on a wildlife India Tour.

If you want more information on Wildlife India Tour then get back to us, whenever needed. Let us know your requirements, so that we can make your trip to India Wildlife completely exceptional and exciting.
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