Elephant Safari : Rejuvenate your adventurous spirits with an adventurous Elephant Safari of Wildlife India.

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Elephant Safari

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« Indian Elephant Safari Tour 09 Days
Attractions : Elephant Safari, Corbett National Park
Destinations : Delhi - Corbett - Lohachor - Ratwadhap - Haldupura.

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Elephant SafariIn the ancient and historical India, the Kings used to traverse on elephants, which were immensely decorated. They used to domesticate hundreds and thousands of elephants in their Kingdom. In the Royal India, Elephants played very crucial role in the making and breaking of the history. They were mostly used as a means of transportation.

Today, elephants are not domesticated and mostly found in the wilds. This huge creature is also worshipped in some parts of India. You may not find elephants roaming on the streets, but, if you really wish to see and experience them then move towards the wilderness of India, which have immense stock of this creature.

Elephant Safari is the most awesome and thrilling adventurous experience, you had ever come across before. The experience of sitting high a top an elephant in a beautifully decorated wood chair, through the cool jungles of India, is an experience you'll never forget. It is truly a luxurious experience to ride an elephant.

The Ideal Time
It is ideal to visit the Indian Sanctuaries during the winters. During the winters the forest areas of India are in full bloom.
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Elephant Safari Sites in India
India has several sites were you can enjoy an elephant ride. Viewing the wilds from the top of an elephant is absolutely safe and outstanding. You can venture into the remotest and thickest areas of the jungle while sitting on the high vantage point. Elephant safaris are the best option if you really want to harmonise with the wild ambience. Elephant rides provide serenity and stillness. And it is also the environment friendly way to traverse the wild.

Corbett National Park
Corbett National Park is the first and finest national park of India, spread along the banks of the Ramganga River, in the foothills of the Himalayas. A well-protected wild habitat, Corbett provides an unforgettable experience to a nature seeker.

Bandhavgarh National Park
Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh is famous for its tiger population. This is place where the first and the foremost white Tigers of Rewa were discovered. You can ride an elephant to discover the splendid forest and it inhabitants.
Elephant Safari
Kanha National Park
If you are a dedicated tiger watcher, then this is the best place in India to hunt for those elusive creatures. Kanha has a high concentration of tigers, and can be justly called the tiger country. Apart from tigers, you can also visit other animals and birds in the wilds of this sanctuary.

Kaziranga National Park
The home of the rhinos, Kaziranga in Assam, with its swamps and grasslands with tall thickets of elephant grass and patches of evergreen forest, offers an exciting elephant safari tours. At Kaziranga, the open country makes wildlife viewing truly easy and the Elephant safari is an experience which will make your trip fairly thrilling.

Manas National Park
Manas is another rhino habitat in Assam, which is more famous as a Tiger Reserve. Located in the near the international boundary of Bhutan and India, this reserve is a world of its own. Elephants are used here for Tiger and other wildlife tracking.

Few Suggestions
» Get the permits to enter the Park area.
» Don't disturb the animals, birds and trees.
» Behave in a responsible manner when watching and photographing resident wildlife.
» Don't leave your group, while travelling in the wilds.
» Don't engage in any illegal trade of animals and birds.
» Don't litter the park area.
» Throw all the wastes in the proper litter zones.
Book a tour to Elephant Safari
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